About Us

Here at Artemis Foods we're not just seriously passionate about great produce, we also want to provide exceptional customer service. We are family run and as such, run our business that way....as a family, staff included.  Being a local family run business, we have a closer connection with our customers compared to the larger corporate firms and having a more social connection with our customers allows us to work alongside the immediate community, something else we're passionate about. It's by supporting each other that allows us to grow, which is why at Artemis Foods we pledge to not concern ourselves with competitor prices, instead we charge fair prices inline with current supplier market prices. Of course this might mean our prices can increase from time to time with market volatility, but it also means prices can fall...and fall they do! That's where we stand out from the crowd..Not only do we have the expertise, team and passion to produce quality products for our customers, but we revise our prices regularly according to current market prices and when we find or negotiate value saved, we pass that value saved on to our customers.

We specialise in turning commercial cuts of meat into retail cuts for the individual consumer, although that isn't really the limit of our expertise. Not only can any of our friendly and approachable staff offer advice on best cuts for specific recipies, but we also work hard to maintain a high level of connection and involvment with the market and our suppliers; allowing us to run at the forefront of the industry and keep bringing our customers amazing products at honest and true fair prices.

We encourage a friendly, social and open environment where everyone can enjoy the Artemis experience. If there is anything we can do to make your visit a happier experience, please do let us know and we will strive to see what we can do. After all; it's our amazing customers that make what we do possible.

Based in Basildon, Essex, and offering delivery within London and South Essex. We source our meat daily before preparing your order ready to reach you in prime condition.