About us

Artemis Foods is a family run butchery with a mission to bring higher quality food at fair prices and with excellent customer service.  We achieve this by...

  • Personally inspecting the majoirty of meats prior to purchasing; to ensure we are only providing the best for our customers.
  • Maintaining extensive supply relationships
  • Actively acting on our promise to pass savings on to customers
  • Refusing to accept anything but the best we can do
  • Truly listening to our customers

Due to our extensive relationships with suppliers; there aren't many meats Artemis Foods cannot source. We already stock a fantastic range of meats in our store, but we're also able to source exotic meats to order too.  Whether it be Alpaca or Rattlesnake; Artemis Foods have the avenues.

Doug and his two sons; John and Mark have a unique set-up whereby they all specilaise in their indiviudal set of skills.

Doug is a master butcher, and has been for over 40 years now.  There's not a cut of meat in the world Doug doesnt know how to cut, and trust us; he's cut a lot of meat!  Doug takes pride in his work; if it isnt good enough...it doesnt go out!  His passion shines through with the sheer speed and dedication of his work. Doug always tries to bring out the best in everybody.

John is the quiet genius. His passion is in I.T and for 20 years has been managing and protecting IT networks. So we were in really safe hands when it came down to implementing our own IT infrastructure.  In addition to managaing our IT infrastructure & security; John also makes sure everything in the background from admin to accounts, is running as it should. John is highly focused and has situational awareness that proves invaluable.

Mark takes care of the front of the shop, making sure everything is running as it should be and customers/employees have any assistance they may need.  Mark has worked in the stock markets for 20 years and as such has a very high energy drive; you'll often see him whizzing round the shop for customers. Mark's passion is 100% customer service, he refuses to accept anything other than the best we can give. If he makes you happy, then Mark is happy.

By combining their individual unique set of skills; Doug, John and Mark have created a system that works well and means you will always get the best results from Artemis Foods, no matter what department you are liaising with.

We are all extremely passionate about what we do and we hope you have nothing but the best experience with Artemis Foods.