Lamb Shank

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A heavenly rich in flavour cut that gets better as the bone broth cooks through the meat during the cooking process, producing some of the most amazingly rich flavoured dishes.  Amazing slow roasted in the oven with seasonal vegetables, but absolutely stunning when left to break down over time in a red wine and rosemary wet slow cooker, throw in some shallots and red berry concentrate and then you're really talking.

Our fresh lamb shanks come in packs of 2.



Keep refrigerated.

Cooking Instructions

Cooking guidelines depend on recipe. Refer to recipe for cooking guidlines.

Oven (From Chilled):

Instructions: 432°F-160°C

  • Preheat oven.
  • Place lamb shanks on an oven proof dish.
  • Cook the lamb shanks on low/middle shelf for 45 minutes.
  • Remove lamb shanks and loosley cover with foil.
  • Cook the lamb shanks on low/middle shelf for a futher 200 minutes.
Wet Slow Cook (From Chilled):
  • Preheat slow cooker to a medium/high heat.
  • Heat your chosen wet recipe in slow cooker.
  • Place lamb shanks in your wet recipe.
  • Cook for approximately 6 hours.

Top Tip: Red wine and a red berry concentrate makes for a luxurious sweet wet recipe for slow cooking your shanks in, plus you can use the remaining juice for a rich, sweet red wine gravy.

Freezing Guidelines

  • Suitable for home freezing.
  • Freeze as soon as possible after purchase.


  • Defrost thoroughly.
  • Do not refreeze and use on same day once defrosted.
  • Do not cook from frozen.
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