Minced Lamb

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Lamb is a little leaner than beef and as such makes a great red meat lean alternative for a host of recipies.  It makes a very flavoursome bolognaise and great meatballs too, or a great way to get the whole family involved is to gather round and make your own lamb kofta's.

Our fresh mince lamb is approximately 90/10 lamb meat to fat ratio (great for home made burgers and meatballs) and comes in either 500g, 1kg or 2.5kg packs.



Keep refrigerated.

Cooking Instructions

Cooking guidelines depend on recipe. Refer to recipe for cooking guidlines.

Top Tip: If making home made kofta's; refrigerate the mince down to 2 degress first...it firms up slightly and makes the meat more workable.

Freezing Guidelines

  • Suitable for home freezing.
  • Freeze as soon as possible after purchase.


  • Defrost thoroughly.
  • Do not refreeze and use on same day once defrosted.
  • Do not cook from frozen.
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