Beef & Pepper Burger

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Our Home Made Ranch Style burgers are a perfect mix of 50% brisket and 50% chuck producing a most meatiest, succulent and full of flavour burger. Whats more, we coat this burger with a layer of cracked pepper corn. Not only does it look and taste great! The flavour comes through in pocket punches given the pepper is concentrated on the layer only (as opposed to typically being spread within the beef mix),  A very well designed burger.



Keep refrigerated below 4°C.

Cooking Instructions

Grill: medium heat

  • Place burgers under grill
  • Flip every 4 minutes.
  • Cook until both sides are browned and the burger is cooked to the desired doneness,
  • Approzimately 8 minutes total (4 minutes each side) for medium rare 6-ounce burgers

Top Tip: Home made burgers should not be over flipped.

Freezing Guidelines

  • Suitable for home freezing.
  • Freeze as soon as possible after purchase.


  • Defrost thoroughly.
  • Do not refreeze and use on same day once defrosted.
  • Do not cook from frozen.
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